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The Future of the Commercial Vehicle World

Futuristic VanTechnology plays an important role in every individual’s life, and whilst many industry sectors have evolved to embrace the perks of the latest advancements, the commercial vehicle world has lagged behind somewhat. That is until now! The commercial vehicle industry is becoming more digitally savvy, but what does the future hold for a more technologically aware market?

Driver information on the go

My DAF is one application that has taken the commercial vehicle world, and more specifically the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) scene, by storm. Available for free download via iTunes and Google Play, the My DAF app was recently upgraded to offer a wider range of features for drivers on the road and back at base. The application allows users to view the most up-to-date DAF driver literature such as brochures, information sheets, handbooks and even the ‘DAF In Action’ magazine.

Using the app, drivers can also view numerous training materials including videos for the new LF, CF and XF models. In addition to providing essential information wherever you are, the My DAF app gives drivers the tools and support to get the very best from their chosen DAF model. The My DAF app has already been a success throughout the international marketplace, so how many other truck manufacturing companies will follow suit with their own driver applications?

Blind spot detection devices

Blind spots have been a major issue for goods vehicle operators and according to research carried out by Transport for London and Barclays Cycle Superhighways, 100% of operators said that their company would benefit from the introduction of blind spot detection technology. The findings of this research prompted an international revival of previously shelved equipment, with the Backwatch system becoming an astounding success during trials.

As well as charting no breakdowns during use, the Backwatch system and associated safety technology effectively reduced the number of collisions between HGVs and cyclists, and reduced other sources of vehicle damage from powered vehicles and street furniture. Secondary benefits included decreased costs and insurance premiums. Blind spot detectors like the Backwatch system received the thumbs up from operators thanks to their discreet and non-distracting operation and ease of use.

On-board safety equipment

Our Hope Safe T Bar and Hope Safe T Step ranges offer the latest advancements in on-board safety equipment delivering a plethora of benefits for van and commercial vehicle owners. The Safe T Bar is designed specifically for heavy goods vehicles and uses an audible warning system to alert drivers of contact with an object whilst reversing to prevent damage to vehicles and other property. Safe T Bar products are also available for light commercial vehicles.

The Hope Safe T Step on the other hand was developed for light commercial vehicles to ensure easy and safe loading and unloading.

Driverless technology

Whilst driverless cars have dominated the technology headlines in recent years, Chancellor George Osborne recently revealed that driverless lorries will be trialled in the UK. Computer controlled HGV platoons will be used to enable vehicles to move within a group resulting in major fuel savings for fleet managers.


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