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Commercial Vans Now Used for Longer Says Auction Specialist Manheim

When it comes to our vans, we’ve always been of the mind-set that the newer a van is, the better things will be, however attitudes are changing throughout the commercial vehicle market. In recent years, the auction houses selling such vehicles have reported an increase in older vans coming through their doors, and according to recent statistics buyers just can’t get enough of them!Older Ford Transit

Famous commercial vehicle auction company Manheim has revealed that vans are now being used for longer by companies big and small, but is this trend here to stay?

The average age of auctioned vehicles is changing

It was back in summer 2014 that Manheim first gave a nod to the changing age and mileage profile of the vehicles coming into their auction house for sale. Vans being sold at auction are now much older – four to five years old to be exact – highlighting a new buyer love for used commercial vehicles. Car derived van models in particular saw the greatest proportion of older vehicles, in fact 22% more four- to five-year-old vehicles were sold in June than the previous month. Manheim’s small panel van auctions also saw an 11% increase in older vehicle sales, and 15% of the larger panel vans, weighing more than 3 tonnes, sold were between four and five years old.

It does appear however that there is a cut off where the age of vans is concerned. Whilst there has been a significant increase in the number of four- to five-year-old vans being sold at auction, the volume of vans aged over five years sold has decreased.

Used trucks are gaining popularity too

To counter the surge of used commercial vehicle sales, Manheim recently launched a weekly auction dedicated to the sale of trucks and trailers. The first auction was an overwhelming success with over 130 trucks and trailers sold for some £1.5 million. Countless vendors attended in person while many more joined the event remotely using the auction house’s online bidding option.

Why are used vehicles more popular?

From used trucks and trailers to older car derived, small panel and large panel vans, there’s no doubt that used commercial vehicles are more popular than ever. As well as buyers taking advantage of their used commercial vehicle’s proven reliability, the use of technology in commercial vans is making an extended lifespan possible for vans of all makes and models.

The Hope Safe-T-Bar is just one product that helps light commercial vehicle and heavy goods vehicle drivers extend the life of their vans and reap the rewards of a more reliable and safer vehicle. Developed by our expert team, the Hope Safe-T-Bar works to prevent damage when loading, unloading and operating your vehicle. Using a truly innovative design, the Safe-T-Bar works to protect vehicles from low speed rear impact and fork lift damage, two incidents that are common and can result in significant repair costs and vehicle downtime. Made from the highest quality materials at our manufacturing facility, the Hope Safe-T-Bar not only provides protection from impact, but against climate and wear. Use of the Hope Safe-T-Bar has also been proven to protect drivers and individuals assisting with the loading and unloading of the vehicles. Hope Safe-T-Bar customers have reported a lower risk of slips, trips and falls from their vehicles thus increasing worker safety.

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