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About our products

All Hope safe T-bar product options use high tensile cold-formed alloy steel.  Our exclusive heavy grit anti-slip tread finish, exceeds the Health & Safety Pendulum HSE BS7976 pendulum slip test helping to protect worker safety while loading and unloading the interior or roof of a van.
The HOPE safe-T-step is fabricated using mild steel and is lighter than most steps on the market. It’s unique slim design features an extra deep step area with anti-slip tread surface offering high slip resistance for safer vehicle loading and unloading.
Adding a rear step to a vehicle with reverse parking sensors has previously been a time-consuming process requiring specialist knowledge to complete the installation.
The Hope Scrutineer is renowned in the field of commercial vehicle braking. Its state-of-the-art, specially developed design pro-vides a low cost and reliable method for diagnosing air leaks, poor brake adjustment, faults in lighting circuits, ABS and EBS faults, and problems with supply circuits.
We offer a number of useful accessories to work alongside our staple line of vehicle safety products. Our Hope Safe-T-Bar End Caps and Red Reflective Strips designed for use on LCVs and HGVs are just two of the accessories we stock.

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